How I cutaway the PlayStation 5...

As with my previous XBox cutaway, I would like to stress that this is an Adobe Illustrator illustration and not an exact CAD model or precise render of the inner workings of the upcoming PlayStation 5 games console. Regard it as more of an indication of how it works, based on the best publicly available images and videos.

This was an incredibly taxing graphic to produce, taking several days, mostly because all I had to go on was a Sony YouTube video of an engineer taking it apart (see below) and scant few photographs. This made it extremely difficult to create an accurate "flat" side view of the machine with all the components in place – which is important if you want to avoid problems later when you try to draw a three-dimensional version.

The below 10 screen grabs hint at the process I went through to draw the 3D cutaway. The images can be enlarged by clicking them, if you wish.

I begin by tracing the front of the PS5 from one of the very few publicly available photos of it, and then draw a side panel from its known dimensions. Pretty much everything else moving forward is based on screen grabs taken from the Sony video (sometimes distorted in Photoshop to make them look flatter).

Here the elements are more or less finished and laid over one another (although there are some errors in there that I'll pick up as I go along).

Here the different layers are skewed into my pseudo-isometric angle.

I start to extrude the shapes – many of which are very awkward and time-consuming.

As I have a lot more good information about the machine's functionality (from an English translation of the Sony video), I elect to make this a 3-column graphic, rather than use the 2-column template from the Xbox cutaway.

Starting to paint surfaces and add black and white keylines.

Graphic is starting to come together – the end is in sight!

The finished graphic. If you click this link – – you can view it on the Graphic News website.
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