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The name's Animate, Edge Animate...

I enjoyed some geeky fun this week building a James Bond interactive graphic for work. We've been dabbling with Adobe Edge Animate for a few months now, trying to get our heads around a slightly different approach to web animation. For non-nerds, Edge lets you make animations (that work on PCs as well as iPhones, iPads etc.) that are not built in the rapidly fading  Flash  application. (Click to enlarge) My interactive looks at where Bond's missions have taken him around the world in 23 movies and will be available on the front page of Graphic News' website for a few days, as we near the 50th anniversary of James Bond and the release of  Skyfall . (Click to enlarge) On the Graphic News website , click on the  "50 years of James Bond" heading and then the  "MOVIES: James Bond film locations iGraphic"  link  (1) , followed by the  "Play"   button  (2)  on the right. (Click to enlarge) If that all sounds like too much

Tabloid fun!

I was gathering foreign newspaper clippings of my widely used Graphic News iPhone 5 graphic yesterday, when I came across this blinder from Blesk in the Czech Republic (it makes The Sun look a little reserved). Great to see it competing for the attention of readers against soft porn on Page 1 though ;) (Click to enlarge... ooh, matron!)