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Bigger is better...

In the face of increasing competition from the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal is getting a huge upgrade (literally) to allow even bigger container ships to cross between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Life sucks...

Is this the most succinct graphic ever conceived? I think it's one of the wittiest I've ever seen and really rather brilliant.
It comes from a great website that graphs "life and pop culture".
Find more of the same at

Vroom vroom...

Late last year, Think Publishing won the contract to redesign and publish the Motor Sports Association's quarterly magazine and they asked me to draw them a kart racing track diagram for a spread in the new-look Spring issue.

I did the job two months ago and now at last the new magazine is out for the MSA's 50,000 UK members. You can see a high-resolution version of the graphic by visiting my website,


This is rather typical weather for Clayton Heights. Fog, fog and more fog.
Quite pretty though and rather eerie, particularly when I heard a confused owl hooting this afternoon.

How the Nintendo 3DS works...

If you're wondering how Nintendo's 3DS video game system works without the user needing to wear special glasses, here's how.
(Click to enlarge)

Hmmm, looks familiar...

Me? Put myself into a graphic? Dunno what you mean.
Me? Put my girlfriend into a graphic? No idea what you're talking about.
Me? Put my girlfriend's sister into a graphic? Sorry, I'm not with you.

Shameless self-promotion...

I got offered a great deal on a print ad a few weeks ago from those kind folks at Hire An Illustrator. It was for a modest spot in the March 2011 issue of Creative Review magazine.

It hit news stands this morning and here it is in print (page 76).
So remember, if you're in need of top-notch, professionally-built infographics, cutaways, vector illustrations, maps, charts, logos or icons then head on over to