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Marvel's Cinematic Universe...

I had fun putting this bad boy together, giggling away as I thought about getting paid for drawing superheroes! (Click to enlarge) As ever, the hi-res files are available to download from Graphic News here .

So the Shroud of Turin might be real after all!

I've had fun working on this for a few days. I had no idea that a couple of years ago they'd carbon dated it again and found it was from the era of Jesus. The Shroud goes on public display in Turin for 10 weeks from April 19. (Click to enlarge) As an aside, there is a very good Shroud app for iPad. I used it for this graphic and it was really useful. It's packed full of really interesting nuggets of info (albeit badly translated from Italian into English). You can download it  here . Graphic News subscribers can download hi-res versions of this graphic here .