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Nature by numbers...

Check out Spanish 3D artist Cristóbal Vila's beautiful animation reflecting on the Fibonacci Series and other mathematical rules and their influence on nature's design. Watch the video by clicking here . (You can also visit his website here and read his blog here ).

Royal Mail Olympic stamps...

On July 27, The Royal Mail will issue the final set of London Olympic and Paralympic postage stamps. They've been releasing them in batches of ten since 2009. Each one is done by a different illustrator or designer with several of them having a distinctive infographic feel about them. Here's the full 30 (click the images for a more detailed view) : 2011 2010 2009

Out with the old, in with the new...

I've been working for The Globe And Mail newspaper as both a staff member in Canada and under contract from the UK for over three years now. Come September 9, I'll be leaving their employ for good and from Monday, October 3, I will be available for commissions, contract work, full-time jobs... anything! Check out my design-tweaked website to see what I do.

Timber tales...

The new July/August issue of Australian Geographic has just hit newsstands Several months ago I completed a set of vector illustrations and icons for the magazine. Collaborating with Creative Director Andrew Burns, I helped the Sydney-based publisher, ACP Magazines , complete a tricky graphic spread to show the methods used in growing, harvesting and processing different wood types.