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Rio Olympics countdown...

For the last few months I’ve been leading the charge on the Rio Olympic Games graphics package for Graphic News in London. With help from artist Mike Tyler , (and a footy graphic from Chris Dinsdale ) we’ve produced what we hope is our best ever Olympic Games graphics package. We've constructed 60 event graphics for traditional print clients, plus I've just finished designing Graphic News' unique responsive versions , which target smartphones and mobile devices with graphics tailored to fit those screens. We also have a smattering of fully interactive web versions for events that benefit from such a treatment, designed by Ben Mullins and Phil Bainbridge . Here are a couple of my full-size samples from the above thumbnails, Golf and Rugby Sevens — incidentally both historic Scottish sports now about to find a global Olympic audience. As well as covering all the events, we have even more graphics available, such as logos, pictograms, calend