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Recent work #4

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The making of a graphic… about the making of a movie… that’s a remake of a cartoon… that’s a retelling of a Shakespeare tragedy…

When I discovered that a new version of the 1994 Disney smash hit  The Lion King  (itself heavily influenced by Hamlet and maybe the Bible) had been remade in a fantastically futuristic fashion, I rather stupidly thought it ought to be explained in an infographic! The scene I'm going to reflect in my graphic. It's iconic but doesn't involve drawing too many isometric animals. There are a few excellent articles online covering how the new movie was created with CGI and filmed in VR. The ones I reference are from Wired , Entertainment Weekly and IGN . Some are about 3,000 words long – a long read. I'm sure there are other articles out there, but in my line of work I don't really have the luxury of heaps of time – things need to move ahead apace. I have to get drawing ASAP. For production reasons, my graphic needs to fill a space occupying 163mm wide x about 200mm deep (no luxurious double-page spreads for me these days) – but crucially, it must still t