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Wow, the iCade is actually real...

Last year Think Geek mocked-up an arcade cabinet for iPad as an April Fool's gag. However, they were inundated with so much fan mail demanding that it be built that tech company Ion and games company Atari have teamed up and gone and done exactly that! If you're a fan of retro gaming, as I am, then this is pretty exciting (oh okay, and terribly geeky) news. You can buy it mail order from Amazon in the UK and U.S. , from Firebox , or directly from Ion . Check out the manufacturer's video (above) and read this review that declares, " the iCade (along with Atari's Greatest Hits) is an absolute must-have iPad accessory for the serious retro gamer."

Best graphic artist gig in the world...

Is this the best graphic artist job vacancy in the world? You decide. Click here to see the posting. Or if you're visiting from the future and the ad has been pulled and you missed it, below is a screen-grab of the position you never saw in time (and ruined your life by not getting!). Clicking it makes it readable:

Mr. Google Doodle...

I've really enjoyed the Google doodles of late (the animated Jules Verne, Yuri Gagarin and Earth Day ones spring to mind as favourites) but today they've tried a new idea – multiple logos. After every Google search you get a randomly loaded Mr. Men or Little Miss-themed doodle (to commemorate the birthday of the late author, Roger Hargreaves ). There are 16 different ones "to collect" with number 15 being particularly hard to find for some reason. I think Mr. Rush (third from bottom) is my favourite. Here's the full 16:

Got 'im...

It was a hectic 24-hours or so for newspaper graphic desks around the world as they frantically tried to illustrate just how U.S. Special Forces killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan early Monday morning (local time). I thought it would be interesting to pull together a bunch of infographics from newspapers around the world and see how they each treated the subject. It's been an enlightening exercise. Some titles ran the barest of locator maps or relied entirely on wire graphics, others reissued or redrew the official U.S. Defense Department SketchUp model (like I did), others just plainly made it all up, and one European newspaper appeared to be taking the mickey with a highly unusual page one Photoshop do-up. Have a look for yourselves and see what you think - starting in North America and working eastwards around the globe (clicking on a graphic will open a higher resolution image): The Washington Post, U.S.A. Los Angeles Times, U.S.A. Chicago Tribune, U.S.A. Houston Chronicl