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Back by popular demand...

(Click for clearer view) Further to an earlier post : the Cardiff Design Festival infographics exhibition (featuring that blue North American graphic thingy of mine, above) has now ended. However, it was such a success that festival directors requested it be moved from the Sho Gallery to their headquarters at the Cardiff Story Museum in the city centre to give it more legs. The exhibition will restart there on Thursday and run until November 9. Who knew infographics could be so popular?!

One in nine million...

I was web surfing away the other night when I stumbled upon a banner advert for . Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my own clip art items that sells on their website appear in the ad! (Click for clearer view) This is either phenomenally lucky (since they claim to have 9,000,000 images up there), in which case I'm off to buy a lottery ticket and scratch card right now, or somehow they're using my browser's cookies to display images it knows I designed. Whichever is true, it's a little freaky and weird. BTW, my istock portfolio can be found here , if anyone wishes to increase my pocket money!