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A close shave...

Hurricane Irene goes screaming past my former home of Toronto. Image taken 1845 hrs EDT Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well, it's finally my last day with The Globe And Mail today. No, honestly, this time it really is my final day. I left them in October 2010 so that I could return to the UK, but was kindly invited to stay on under contract and work remotely from Britain. I've been doing that for nine months, based out of a little studio space in our house in West Yorkshire. Today, I'm finishing up my 801st and last ever graphic for them – a double-page spread on a new NASA Mars rover. It's been a great gig and I'm proud to have worked for Canada's leading national broadsheet newspaper for the past three years and three months. I shall miss my little "shoe box" home office packed full of graphic goodness (read: junk) but look forward very much to pastures new. In October, I'll begin working for leading independent news graphics agency Graphic News in London and can't wait to join their brilliant team of artists and writers.

Adobe's HTML5 animation tool...

Adobe has just launched a free pre-beta version of its new HTML5 animation tool called Adobe Edge. It features a familiar timeline-based structure so anyone used to Flash will pick it up in no time at all. And of course being HTML5, your efforts can now be viewed on an iPad or iPhone. I built a couple of quick rudimentary animation tests with it last night and it certainly works, although it is prone to crashing: Test 1 Test 2 You can download the preview Edge application right here .