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Here's one I made earlier...

Wow, it's been a while since I did a blog entry. Four months maybe? Since joining Graphic News and moving to a temporary home, I've been too busy to do one. The only reason this is going up now is because I've been off work sick today! My old Globe And Mail work colleague Dean Tweed, asked if I'd been moonlighting for my former employer when he saw this graphic in the paper today. (click to enlarge – also, Globe online version can be found  here ) Er, no, I haven't. This is a graphic I did back in July 2009 when the car and bodies were found. I remember it being a super-tight deadline and only just getting it out in the scant few hours I had. But it's nice to see it get a second life and good to see it was on the money and required very little "verdict tweaking".