22 Dec 2010

Cool Adobe Illustrator plug-in...

I was building an icon yesterday for an iStockphoto.com job using Illustrator's 3D tool and ran into an old problem. When you expand the file back into a vector format it leaves loads of open paths, usually around areas where you've applied a bevel or some such.

Any fellow iStockers will know that they refuse to accept any open paths in their illustrations and it can be quite a chore to go around your illustration manually closing them all up again. However after a little Googling I came across a wonderful plug-in filter that closes them all up instantly for you. And it does a host of other cool functions too. Check out Point Control for yourselves. It works with CS3, CS4, and CS5 versions and the site has several other pretty darn useful plug-ins to tinker with as well.

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