26 Jan 2011

Retro gold...

As a lover of retro video games, I simply had to have this. It now sits in the studio as my Toronto-time clock. And yes, it does make the "...waka-waka-waka..." pill-munching noise as its alarm. Just too cool!

If you want one, you can get them here for £8.99.

21 Jan 2011

Mega map!

Saturday's Globe And Mail featured an enormous map filling a double-page spread of the paper. The brief was to create an antiquated naval map for a feature on China's rapidly increasing naval power.

Built mostly in Photoshop with labels, icons etc added in Illustrator, the map took me nearly three days to produce and came in at a whopping 186 MB. You can see a high-resolution version at my website, where you can also flick through an extensive portfolio of other graphic works.

10 Jan 2011

New DLC added...

I've added the first of hopefully quite a bit of downloadable content to my website – some of it will be fun stuff and some of it will be work-related. I'll add a few more bits and bobs when I get a sec.

So for starters, if you fancy a free brushed metal desktop wallpaper then head on over to ninian.net and click on the goodies section to download it.

6 Jan 2011

Very popular!

According to my Mac mail account, I'm incredibly popular. Although I wonder how long it would have taken to receive this lot!